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Sailor Moon Claims

Claim them fast!

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Claim anyone from Sailor Moon!!!! This includes all versions of the person (ie. Usagi, Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Moon, Eternal Sailor Moon, Princess Serenity, Neo-Queen Serenity are all seperate claims.)

Everyone gets 2 single person claims and 1 couple claim, except mods who can have 3 single person claims and 1 couple claim

First come first serve! Please check the claims list first before you post.

Please make a new post, do not post in comments or you will be ignored!

If you request a claim and I cannot find a picture of it, but you can, I will give you one extra claim in each of the three groups.
If you don't want your claims or change journals let me know so I can adjust it in the claims list.

When I approve your claim you will get an icon to link to this community with your character on it! (Including the code for easy use)


I claimed:


You don't have to use this but please link to my community in one form or another.

Moderator: applesider19
ami mizuro, anime, artemis, bishoujo senshi sailor moon, bssm, bunny, chiba mamoru, chibi, chibi chibi moon, crescent wand, crystal power, crystal tokyo, darien, diana, emerald, eternal moon scepter, eternal sailor moon, fisheye, future, galxia, haruka, haruka ten'ou, hawkseye, hotaru, hotaru tomoe, inner senshi, inners, japan, japanime, kou seiya, kou taiki, kou yaten, lights, live action sailor moon, luna, makoto, makoto kino, michiru, michiru kaiou, minako, minako aino, mistress 9, moon eternal makeup, moon princess, moon prisim power, moonlight knight, nehelenia, nehenelia, neherenia, neo queen serenity, neo-queen serenity, outer senshi, outers, pegasus, pgsm, planet power, planets, pretty gaurdian sailor moon, pretty soldier sailor moon, prince diamond, princess serena, princess serenity, pssm, puu, queen beryl, queen nehenelia, queen serenity, rei, rei hino, rpg, rpgs, sailor, sailor aluminum siren, sailor ceres, sailor chibi moon, sailor cosmos, sailor iron mouse, sailor juno, sailor jupiter, sailor lead crow, sailor luna, sailor mars, sailor mercury, sailor mini moon, sailor moon, sailor moon r, sailor moon rpg, sailor moon s, sailor moon supers, sailor neptune, sailor pallas, sailor pluto, sailor saturn, sailor star fighter, sailor star healer, sailor star maker, sailor stars, sailor tin nyanko, sailor uranus, sailor v, sailor venus, sailor vesta, sailor warriors, sapphire, seiya and usagi, senshi, serena, setsuna, setsuna meiou, seyia, silver millenium crystal, star power, starlight honeymoon therapy kiss, starlights, super sailor moon, tigerseye, tsukino usagi, tukedo kamen, tuxedo mask, usagi, usagi and seiya, wicked lady, yaten